Warmachine Army: Learning to Base Effectively

Recently, I have begun the hobby of painiting miniatures for the purpose of playing wargames. I pretty quickly picked up on the painting portion, mainly because I can call on my background in art classes, but basing was a different beast.

“without a decorated base, you only have half a model.”

Basing is what it is called when you put material on the base of a miniature to simulate the terrain they are standing on. As a lot of people say, “without a decorated base, you only have half a model.” The typical way of basing is just adding some rocks and flock (ground up wood shavings dyed green to look like grass) and calling it a day. But being the perfectionist that I am (some may call me “extra” whatever that means) I would not settle for just a simple grassy base.

That’s where I came up with the look I wanted. What about a sandy beach? They are undead pirates after all. So I looked into it. Apparently finding hobby sand that is not dark yellow is difficult, and real sand would be too large, and make it look like gravel. Off to the hobby store I went, in search of something more suitable to sand. I was lucky enough to find white wedding sand! I mixed that with PVC (elmers) glue, some bone-white paint, and a bit of water, and I had myself a small jar of mud-paint. I slathered it on the bases and found that it had worked perfectly! As you can see in the second picture, the army is ready to storm the beach!

While this worked amazingly for the normal footmen and warjacks, I wanted the leader to have a slightly different base. I wanted her on a torn piece of pirate ship! Just a few boards wouldn’t do it for me though, I’d seen dynamic bases before and I wanted a theatrical base. So I got myself some air-drying clay, molded a wave, cut up some Popsicle sticks, dyed them a dark brown, and made the bane witch a surfer girl.

This army helped me troubleshoot and problem solve for what I wanted, instead of just looking up what to do online. I am still the most proud of these bases over any other.


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