Bloodbowl Team: Learning to Create Interest with Color

When I started with this team, I wanted something that would be simple but pretty. When I thought of football teams that actually exist, they use only 2 colors, most of the time, so I wanted to keep the clothing colors to two. Looking at many options, I picked gold and maroon, feeling these colors fit my Dwarves very well. They are bold and powerful, and “rich” feeling. It made sense.

So I went in paintbrush blazing, and quickly painted one guy. Then another. Then… I stopped. I took a week to let myself see what I thought. I was lucky to like it even after a week of waiting, but as I found with other minis, After I’ve finished I end up starting to hate them. I didn’t want this to happen again.

Once I knew I liked it, I finished them in an assembly line fashion, finishing red, then skin, then hair, then gold. and finally, I based them and added the stickers. It ended up beautiful and perfectly in line with my mental image. Let me introduce you to the “Mountain Brewers”


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